Using rlwrap to Improve sqlplus

My friend Matt Ess helped me configure the rlwrap wrapper utility to make sqlplus less frustrating to use. I wanted to document the process for anyone else who wants sane keyboard editing inside sqlplus.

The Problem with sqlplus #

Out of the box, sqlplus is quite frustrating to use because it doesn't have line editor functionality. This means that if you use your up and down arrow keys, for instance, you do not go through your input history (as in a terminal), but instead you see the escape character for the up/down arrows: ^[[A^[[B Frustrating!

The Solution: rlwrap #

rlwrap is a 'readline wrapper', which allows for the editing of keyboard input for any command. It's quite simple to build and use.

  1. Clone the project to your home directory.

    cd ~
    git clone
  2. Configure and build the project.

    cd rlwrap
    autoreconf --install
    ./configure --prefix=$HOME
    make install
  3. Use rlwrap to run sqlplus.

    rlwrap sqlplus

Now you've got better keyboard support for interacting with sqlplus! Hopefully this makes working with it a little less frustrating (sorry, I haven't found a way to make SQL itself more enjoyable).

Again, shout out to my friend Matt for the awesome tip.