About Me

Hi, my name is Jay, and I know just enough about computers to be dangerous.

I’m a passionate technologist who believes in bringing people and the power of technology together. I’m currently a Site Reliability Engineer at Salesforce, where I work on public cloud operations and evangelize reliability best practices to our software delivery teams.

Previously, I’ve worked at companies like Cisco and RSA Security, developing web apps, investigating malware, and taking down cyber fraud activity.

I love the web. I had dialup as a kid, but I realized I could build a website in Microsoft Word that loaded very fast (and looked marvelous in Internet Explorer)! Then later on, I found out about Firefox, and CSS 2, and WYSIWYG editors (Nvu/KompoZer) and I very specifically remember making a website for my school with this theme. In high school, I made some Wordpress themes for local businesses. And now, I use React and babel and VS Code. The web is pure, unadulterated techno-fun.

I’m a computer scientist by education, but I’d rather talk to people than machines. I love to help people learn new things, and consider myself to be a good asset in bridging the gap between the technical and non-technical. At Purdue, I lectured CS 193: Tools, in which 500 computer science freshmen learned the basics of Unix-like terminals, text editors, and git.