Delete Service Workers to Leave Gatsby

I've switched away from Gatsby to Eleventy. One thing my Gatsby site had done (some of the "magic") was generate and register a Service Worker for offline/caching reasons.

When I switched to Eleventy, browsers did not automatically show the new site unless I held shift while clicking refresh.

The hot tip here is to destroy the service workers from within the new site. Browsers are not caching the sw.js file which means it will be requested any time. This allows you to put destructive code in, which nukes the service worker from the user's browser.

self.addEventListener('install', function(e) {


self.addEventListener('activate', function(e) {
        .then(function() {
            return self.clients.matchAll();
        .then(function(clients) {
            clients.forEach(client => client.navigate(client.url))

By ensuring this was present in my new site build at, I ensure that repeat visitors to my site get the newest non-Gatsby build.